Sehri & Iftar Time in London 2024

We are sharing this content with you about Sehri & Iftar Time In London. There are so many Muslim people living in London. In every Country, Muslims know that Ramadan will start as soon as possible. For some of the country’s people, Ramadhan will start on the 8th of March 2024, and it will continue on the 6th of April 2024. Some London Muslim people are searching for a fasting schedule with a detailed Sehri and Iftar times calendar for London. This comprehensive guide provides accurate timings for Sehri and Iftar, as well as Islamic and Georgian calendar dates.

You must cater to the needs of individuals in London and nearby areas daily throughout the year and during Ramadan. 08 March 2024 Fasting time in London today is Sehri time: 04:50 and Iftar time: 05:56. Complete the 30-day London fasting calendar with Suhoor and Iftar timings, including PDF download and print features.

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What is the time of Sehri in London?

Today, 08 March 2024, the (suhoor) Sehri time in London is 04:50 AM.

What is the time of Iftar in London?

Today, 08 March 2024, the (fasting) Iftar time in London is 05:56 PM

30 Days London Sehri & Iftar Calendar

08 Mar 2024 4:50 AM 5:56 PM
09 Mar 2024 4:48 AM 5:57 PM
10 Mar 2024 4:46 AM 5:59 PM
11 Mar 2024 4:44 AM 6:01 PM
12 Mar 2024 4:41 AM 6:03 PM
13 Mar 2024 4:39 AM 6:04 PM
14 Mar 2024 4:37 AM 6:06 PM
15 Mar 2024 4:35 AM 6:08 PM
16 Mar 2024 4:32 AM 6:09 PM
17 Mar 2024 4:30 AM 6:11 PM
18 Mar 2024 4:28 AM 6:13 PM
19 Mar 2024 4:25 AM 6:14 PM
20 Mar 2024 4:24 AM 6:16 PM
21 Mar 2024 4:22 AM 6:18 PM
22 Mar 2024 4:21 AM 6:20 PM
23 Mar 2024 4:18 AM 6:21 PM
24 Mar 2024 4:16 AM 6:23 PM
25 Mar 2024 4:14 AM 6:25 PM
26 Mar 2024 5:12 AM 7:26 PM
27 Mar 2024 5:10 AM 7:28 PM
28 Mar 2024 5:09 AM 7:30 PM
29 Mar 2024 5:07 AM 7:31 PM
30 Mar 2024 5:04 AM 7:33 PM
31 Mar 2024 5:03 AM 7:35 PM
01 Apr 2024 5:01 AM 7:35 PM
02 Apr 2024 4:59 AM 7:37 PM
03 Apr 2024 4:57 AM 7:39 PM
04 Apr 2024 4:55 AM 7:40 PM
05 Apr 2024 4:52 AM 7:42 PM
06 Apr 2024 4:50 AM 7:44 PM

Sehri Iftar Time for London – Month of Ramadan 2024:

Today’s date, 08 March 2024 (27 Shaban 1445), presents the following Sehri and Iftar times for London:

Sunni, Hanafi & Shafi’i Sect:

Sehri Time: 04:50 AM
Iftar Time: 05:56 PM

Shia, Jafria Sect:

Sehri Time: 04:41 AM
Iftar Time: 06:06 PM

London Sehri & Iftar Calendar Download

Knowing the fasting times in London is a must if you plan to fast. This London Sehri and Iftari calendar will make it easy to manage your upcoming fasts when you are in London. You can download the London Sehri Iftari Calendar PDF on your device. It contains complete details, including Gregorian calendar dates, Hijri calendar dates, Sehri time in London, and Iftar time in London in 2024.

Ramadan Mubarak Wishes 2024

Ramadan Mubarak! Wishing you a blessed and Happy Ramadan!

Ramadan Mubarak! May Allah bless you and your family.

May Allah shower all His blessings upon you on this holy month. Ramadan Kareem to you and your family.

Ramadan Kareem! May Allah bless you with abundant happiness and guide you towards Jannah.

Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah give you all the happiness and success and guide you to the right path.

Ramadan Mubarak. I wish you a blessed and prosperous Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family. May Allah grant your prayers and replace your worries with happiness and prosperity.

I wish that the holy spirit of Ramadan enlightens our souls and guides us to our deen. Ramadan Mubarak.

Ramadan Kareem! May this be the month of purity and peace. May this be the month of getting closer to Allah!

Ramadan Mubarak. I pray that you earn lots of Sawab this month. Keep me in your prayers too.

May we all be able to do good deeds during Ramadan. I wish you a blissful Ramzanul Mubarak.

Happy Ramadan, my love. May Allah show us the right path and answer our prayers.

Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters! May Allah bless us with the chance to repent for our sins and grant us mercy!

May Allah bless you in this holy month. Ramadan Mubarak and Happy Fasting!

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family. May the door of blessings remain open for all of us this year!

Ramadan Mubarak 2024! May this holy month bring peace all over the world!

Ramadan Mubarak, dear friend (put name). I hope this Ramadan brings you happiness.

Ramadan Mubarak dear brother! May Allah answer all your prayers and keep you safe from every harm.

Ramadan Mubarak, dear sister! I hope Allah makes your lives more peaceful and your faiths stronger.

Ramadan Mubarak to my lovely family! May Allah be merciful enough to forgive our sins and show us the right path!

Wish you a very Happy Ramadan, Mubarak. May this Ramadan bring joy, happiness, and wealth to you.

Ramadan Kareem, love. I hope this Ramadan enlightens your soul and brings your heart much closer to Allah.

Ramadan Kareem to you and your family! I pray that Allah grants you patience and good health!

Ramadan Mubarak! May each iftar during this holy month of Ramadan bring you comfort and peace.

Ramadan Mubarak! May this Ramadan bring immense joy to you and your family. Best wishes to you.

May your heart get kinder, your body healthier and your soul finds relief on this holy month. Ramadan Mubarak.

May Allah bless you with a peaceful and prosperous life. Wish you a happy Ramadan. Keep me in your prayers.

Happy Ramadan everyone. May the blessings of the month Ramadan be on all of us and may Allah grant our prayers and fasts!

Wish you a blissful Ramadan! May your faith get stronger and your home get happier during this month!

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family. May the holy essence of this auspicious month remain in your heart and life!

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