Orthodox New Year 2024: Best Wishes, Messages, Quotes & Greetings

Orthodox New Year 2024: Best Wishes, Messages, Quotes and greetings! This is the Biggest Celebration Day in the World. Mostly Celebrating these Days all of the Christian Peoples. This Year, January 14, 2024, and most businesses follow regular Sunday opening hours in the United States. Some Orthodox Christian churches in the United States have special liturgies when they celebrate New Year’s Day.

According to Wikipedia, The Old New Year, or the Orthodox New Year, is an informal traditional holiday, celebrated as the start of the New Year by the Julian calendar. In the 20th and 21st centuries, the Old New Year falls on January 14 in the Gregorian calendar.

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Who celebrates Christmas on January 14?

In Orthodox Christian countries in Europe, the Gregorian calendar is used in day-to-day lives, but the faithful often revert to the Julian calendar for their holy festivals. The New Year, according to the Julian calendar.

Happy Orthodox New Year Whatsapp Status

Wishing a very Happy New Year to everyone. May this coming year be showered with the choicest blessings of the Almighty for you and your loved ones.

On the occasion of New Year, I wish everyone a year full of positivity and lots of blessings from God. Have a wonderful year ahead.

May the celebrations of New Year be full of high spirits and good fortune for you. Wishing everyone a cheerful and blessed New Year.

On the occasion of New Year, make sure that you thank the Almighty for the last year and offer prayers for the upcoming year. Happy New Year.

Warm greetings on New Year to everyone. May this year unfold for everyone the good and happy times blessed by Almighty.

Orthodox New Year Prayer

1). Days, months, and calendars change as New Year arrives. I pray that this year also bring a change in your attitude and focus to experience the real success

2). May the almighty shower his kind blessings on you and your family. Wish you a very happy new year.

3). May God be kind to fulfill all your dreams and desires in the coming year. Wish you a very happy new year.

4). May your life blossom like a flower. I pray that this coming year, every day should unfold like a petal in a blossoming flower.

5). Wish you and your family a very blessed new year. Let God be kind and shower blessings and happiness on your family.

Orthodox New Year Messages and Wishes

6). Good health, peace, good luck may all these three be yours in the coming year. Happy new year 2023.

7). May this New Year be bright and happy. May peace and happiness reside in your family. Wish you happy New Year 2024.

8). May hope keep smiling on you every day, throughout the Year. Wish you a very happy new year.

9). As this old year fades out, may the New Year break out with brightness and sparkles. Happy New Year 2024.

10). May you have peace, joy and good health all throughout the year. Happy New year 2024.

11). Every New Year brings along new hope, new challenges and new promises. Let’s gear up to face this wonderful time and make it a beautiful journey. Happy New Year 2024.

12). Let us hope that life is always beautiful, inspiring and full of blessings like always. Wishing you a wonderful and successful Happy New Year to you and your family.

13). I pray to God that the freshness of 2023 fills your year with high spirits, great confidence and courage to face the challenges and get successful. Happy New Year to you.

14). It is time to say goodbye to the year we have lived and step into which has so much to offer us. Wishing you the most amazing and successful year. Happy New Year to my friend.

15). I wish you are blessed with love, happiness, joy and success in the year 2024. I pray for your health and long life. Sending warm wishes as new times arrive. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

16). May you have a fun-filled, entertaining, and energetic New Year ahead. Sending warm wishes to you and your family on arrival of 2024. Happy New Year.

17). Dates and calendars change as New Year arrives. This year also brings a change in your attitude and focus to experience real success. Wishing Prosperous and Happy New Year 2024.

18). Make this year special by fulfilling all the promises and living up to all your commitments with dedication and concentration. I wish you all the best and a wonderful Happy New Year.

19). New Year is the time to wish the best of the times to the people you love. Happy New Year to the most special person in my life. Have a wonderful year ahead.

20). This New Year resolve and bring about the much desired change in your life with a positive attitude. Sending warm wishes and greetings on this occasion. Happy New Year.

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